Redefining Retirement Living

Sep 22, 2023

Did you know that unlike other retirement living providers, Park Lane Living does not believe in hidden fees or unexpected surprises?

It’s true! We believe that homeowners should retain ownership of their home and any capital growth.

For example, unlike communities that charge a Deferred Management Fee or DMF, Park Lane Living don’t take a percentage of the sale price when homeowners decide to move. This ensures that all financial benefits, including appreciation in property value, remain with you and your estate.

In some communities, a 20% DMF on a $350,000 sale price would mean $70,000 deducted from the sale. Spread over 10 years, that’s a cost of $135.14 per week! At Park Lane Living, we don’t charge a DMF, saving you this amount and affirming our belief that all capital growth should remain with the homeowner.

Affordability and transparency are core to our philosophy at Park Lane Living. All fees and charges are clearly identified in our Part 4A paperwork, which acts similar to a lease. This ensures that you fully understand the financial aspects of living in our community without any hidden or deferred fees, like a DMF.

Our team will walk you through every aspect of the agreement, and we’re always here to answer questions. We believe in open and honest communication, and our focus on affordability means that you always know what to expect.

Park Lane Living focuses on creating a community where residents can enjoy all the amenities without worrying about future financial burdens. Our transparent and affordable fee structure reflects our commitment to putting homeowners first.

Beginning the downsizing journey into retirement living doesn’t have to be a daunting experience – Park Lane Living is a testament to this. Discover the Park Lane Living difference today and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

To begin your journey and downsize your way, contact us now on 1300 300 425 or email [email protected]